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Why join Pony Club?

Pony Club is a great place for emerging and competitive riders to build on their skills and make life long friends along the way. 
By joining Jimboomba Pony Club you get access to the following benefits:

  • Access to our fantastic grounds throughout the year. Raining? No problem come down and use the indoor. 

  • The ability to join in on our monthly rally days - Improve your riding skills, try new disciplines and catch up with your friends in a relaxed environment. 

  • Access to JPC only clinics - We are holding more and more clinics throughout the year that are only open to our JPC members. We have had meet the judge dressage clinics, and jumping clinics with Rebecca Jenkins just to name a few. 

  • The ability to go and compete at any Pony Club event in Australia. 

  • Access to the PCQ Insurance (Details can be found here.) 


PONY CLUB MEMBERSHIP FEES - to join head to 

  • 1st Riding Member - $151.12(PCA Fee $16.50 + PCQ Fee $91.62 + JPC Fee $43)

  • Subsequent Riding Members $136.62  (PCA Fee $16.50+ PCQ Fee $91.62 + JPC Fee $28.50)

  • Social Member $42.50 (PCQ Fee $35 + JPC Fee $7.5)

  • Pony Club Maintenance Levy $150 per family (non-refundable - Will roll over if Club Commitments are met).

  • Pony Club members have a working bee and event commitment to roll over the maintenance levy - See Bylaws for details


Committee members and active instructors shall be exempt from the maintenance levy.  Instructors who have coached at a minimum of 4 rallies in the prior year, and committee members who have served for 12 months shall have their JPC component of their membership fee reduced to $1.  Trainee coaches who sign on for 2022 and commit to a minimum of 10 Rally Days, plus attend all necessary PCAQ training sessions and exams shall have their 2023 JPC membership fee reduced to $1*. 


From time to time JPC may allow trials at rally days. These will generally only be on the first rally of the month. A trial costs $40. $30 is then put towards uniforms should the person decide to join. Trials are for riders genuinely considering joining JPC and only one trial is permitted. If the rider does not subsequently join the fee is non-refundable. 

Become a Ground Hire Member

2022 Ground Hire Membership - 1st January 2022 - 31st December 2022 - $160

Just fill out this form, and email it to and someone will be in contact with you about your membership very shortly.

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