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Frequently Asked Questions

How do we join Jimboomba Pony Club?

  • All membership are processed through the PCA Just Go website - 

  • If you are a new member to all pony clubs you will need to register as a new member and follow the prompts to join Jimboomba Pony Club. 

What is the difference between Pony Club Membership and Grounds Hire Membership?

  • Pony Club Membership

    • Use of grounds when they are not hired out.

    • Attendance of monthly rallies.

    • Attendance of any Pony Club run events.

  • Grounds Hire Membership

    • Use of grounds when they are not hired out.

    • Grounds Hire Memberships are managed separate to Pony Club Queensland.

Pony Club Memberships and Grounds Hire Memberships are NOT interchangeable.

When are the Pony Club Rally days?

  • Pony Club Rally days are listed on the calendar and are usually the first Sunday of every month. (Pending instructor availability) 

  • We also try to have another informal internal day, event etc another day during the month. This depends on ground hiring, events etc. 


What are the different types of club membership?

  1. First Riding Member

    1. Subsequent Rider

  2. Social Member

  3. Instructor/committee

2024 PONY CLUB MEMBERSHIP FEES - to join head to 

  • 1st Riding Member - $194.23 (PCA Fee $82.95 + PCQ Fee $66.00 + JPC Fee $45.28)

  • Subsequent Riding Members $178.96  (PCA Fee $82.95 + PCQ Fee $66.00 + JPC Fee $30.01)

  • Social Member $45.25 (PCQ Fee $38.85 + JPC Fee $6.40)

  • Pony Club Maintenance Levy $180 per family (non-refundable - Will roll over if Club Commitments are met).

  • Pony Club members have a working bee and event commitment to roll over the maintenance levy - See Bylaws for details


When signing on as a member do minors need to be accompanied by an adult?

  • All minors under the age of 18 years old must have a parent or guardian as an accompanying member (either as a social member or subsequent riding member). The accompanying member must be of the same immediate family.


We are new to Pony Club. Can we have a trial day before we decide if we want to sign up?

  • Yes we do offer a trial rally day if you are unsure Pony Club is for you. You will have to arrange this prior to the day with the club committee to make sure we have enough instructors to safely cover rider requirements.

  • Trial days have a cost of $40 per rider. $7 is to cover Pony Club rider insurance. $20 can be used on uniform orders should you decide to join the club.


What are the club uniform requirements?

  • Rally Days

    • Club Polo Shirt - Short Sleeve $40
      (Long Sleeve shirts available on Special order)

    • Club Saddle Cloth $50

    • Pony Club Legal Boots and Helmet

    • Any colour Jodphurs

    • Caps Also available $20 Ea

  • Official Pony Club Events

    • Club Vest $50

    • Club Badge $10

    • Club Saddle Cloth $50

    • Beige Jodphurs (must be beige)

    • White Long Sleeve Shirt

    • Red Tie

    • Pony Club Legal Boots and Helmet


How do I know if my riding gear meets Pony Club requirements?


Do you have to have your own pony/horse to join the club?

  • Yes you have to have access to your own pony/horse to attend Pony Club. The club does not offer agistment services or have our own ponies/horses to lend out for use.


Are the toilets open for use at all times?

  • Unfortunately the toilets adjacent to the clubhouse are only available during rallies, Pony Club events and private grounds hire events.

  • There are public toilets at the football grounds adjacent to the Pony Club grounds that are available at all times.


Can I share my membership access with friends and family?

  • No you cannot share your access to the club grounds with non-member friends and family. Jimboomba Pony Club is a not for profit organisation run by volunteers and unfortunately it takes a considerable cost to maintain the grounds to a high level.

  • If you are found to be letting non-members access the club grounds it may result in the termination of your membership without refund of your fees.

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